Luyt has developed a program for towing (TO) winches. The international standard ISO
7365 is the guideline for the design of the winches. The winches can also be delivered as
tailor-made to customer requirements.

Design Features
The TO winches are single or multi drum winches in line configuration with the following

  • Towing drum with spooling device
  • Free wheel function
  • Quick release function
  • Local and bridge panel
  • Dog clutches
  • Warping head
  • Holding and slipping brake
  • Friction clutches
  • Hydraulic driven

Optional Features
The TO winches can be delivered with the following optional features:

  • Rendering and recovery
  • Load measuring device
  • Tailor made design to customer requirements

Drive Systems
Drive systems for Luyt TO winches:

  • Hydraulic driven
  • Electric-hydraulic driven

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