LUYT is a leading winch manufacturer and delivers innovative, high-quality winches for fishing, offshore, dredging, towing, and oil & gas industry applications.

Winches, our speciality

LUYT has developed itself into a reliable international partner for winch systems worldwide. A LUYT winch is a winch for life. LUYT has its own design and engineering department where winches are designed in 3-D computer programmes. Winches are developed based on rules and regulations of renowned classification societies, ISO standards and many years of LUYT experience. LUYT winches are designed for a long life span and trouble-free operation. All our winches are designed, built and tested in our factory in Den Oever. If desired, our tests can be monitored and checked by classification societies (LRS, GL, DNV, RINA or otherwise). Since 1960, our company in Den Oever has delivered more than 1000 winches, and some of the earliest examples are still in use. While the first winches with a maximum pulling power of ten tonnes were mainly built for fishing boats, there is now an equal focus on the offshore industry. These winches have a tensile force of one hundred tonnes and are used on large pontoons. Noteworthy: they are very quiet.

what we do

LUYT winches are strong, silent, reliable and durable.

The winch manufacturer wants to distinguish itself in terms of approach, working methods and service. Every winch is custom-made, and the customer is closely involved in the design phase, the construction and the delivery so that the final result is completely in accordance with their wishes. Based on a list of requirements and a conversation with LUYT’s winch specialists, a basic design is made that includes the tensile force and the most important technical properties. Then further demands and wishes are discussed with the customer so that a final design can be made, including a detailed price quotation. Next, there is a period of turning and welding. All this work takes place in our own machine factory in Den Oever, which has a turning shop with advanced equipment and workbenches.

After the winch has been constructed, transported and assembled, LUYT will take care of the delivery and commissioning on board. Everything will be tested: the tensile force, endurance, the brakes; everything has to be according to the description. LUYT service engineers can take care of this commissioning in Den Oever or on-site. Our technical engineers install our winches worldwide, and they can also test the winches on-site.

Our products have a long service life. After a thorough revision, our products are ready for a second operational life. Many LUYT winches constructed in the ’60s are still in use today, and the winches retained their tensile force even after maintenance and overhauling. Winches are provided with remote-controlled pneumatic steering systems and are driven hydraulically, electrically or with diesel.

Our service engineers travel all over the world to service and repair our winches. You can also contact us for service and repairs on other brands of winches, including Ridderinkhof, Brusselle, Bodewes, etc.

LUYT has designed and delivered several wire-guidance systems over the years. These systems can vary from a very simple design to computer-controlled wire guidance. Next to blocks, discs, vaults and heads, we can deliver cross shafts, swing shafts and controlled wire guidance systems. The guidance system is designed, manufactured and installed in a customer- and an application-oriented way for almost every application.

Winches for every type of fishing are supplied to virtually all West European coastal countries. The enormous knowledge that has been built up regarding winches for fishery can also be used for other industries. LUYT is also a winch manufacturer for the offshore and towing world, dredging sector and oil & gas industry with orders in the Middle East and South America.

Unique winch design for tugs/tugboats

LUYT has developed a light and powerful winch for two carrousel rave tugs for Multraship Terneuzen, a leading Dutch towage and salvage company, part of the Muller Maritime Group. This special winch is mounted on a ring that can rotate around the wheelhouse, on a carrousel. Hence the name Carrousel Rave Tug (CRT). Academic institutions (like TNO and the Delft University of Technology) and leading industry partners have been involved in the development of the CRT. A ‘Dream Team’ has been set up for this purpose. As leading Dutch designer and manufacturer of marine winches, LUYT is part of this team. LUYT has developed an alternative for a standard winch with the same operational capabilities, but being much ligther and requiring significantly less power to drive it. The big difference between a carrousel rave tug and traditional tugs is that the tow rope is not attached to winches at the rear, but to a winch which is attached to a ring around the wheelhouse. The chance of capsizing during towing is practically nil. Large seagoing vessels can be towed with it at a higher speed (fast and safe handling). And in the context of sustainability: fuel consumption is 25% lower and CO2 emissions are even 45% less.

Maritime Shipping Award

For the development of these two innovative Carrousel Rave Tugs equipped with LUYT winches, Multraship and development partner Novatug received the prestigious Maritime Shipping Award from the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (KNVR).


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