Ship docking

With the help of an environmentally sustainable new dock, all types and sizes of fishing boats and commercial vessels are dry-docked in the fastest ship lift in the Netherlands.

A modern and durable ship lift

LUYT operates its own ship lift (‘the dock’) in the fishing port to dry-dock ships for maintenance and repairs to the underwater hull. Anyone visiting the port of Den Oever will immediately notice LUYT’s imposing dry-dock that can lift ships up to 40 metres with a weight of 620 tonnes out of the water within twenty minutes. This enables many fishing boats with a maximum draft of 5.5 metres to be serviced.

One of the features is that ships can quickly and easily be dry-docked to carry out work below the waterline. Our customers come from the fishing industry, tugboat, inland commercial shipping, dredging sector, short sea shipping, the brown fleet and other commercial shipping at home and abroad.

The current lift is our third and has been operational since September 2021; the first two lift docks were built in the 1960s and are slightly smaller. With its brand new dry-dock, LUYT can now dry-dock heavier and larger ships for professional maintenance and repairs on the underwater hull. With our own dry-dock, we can lift ships out of the water within twenty minutes, so no precious time is lost. When a customer breaks down, for example, leaks or a rope stuck in the propeller, LUYT will not keep the customer waiting and will continue working – even in the evening or at the weekend if necessary – so that the customer can be at sea again as soon as possible. In addition, LUYT craftsmen are not afraid to cut a ship in half and lengthen it by a few metres or shorten a part of it. LUYT’s cutting and shearing operations are famous for removing barnacles from the underwater part and treating the hull with anti-fouling.

A dry-dock service by LUYT could consist of:

"Cutting & shearing"; complete cleaning of the ship with a high-pressure hose and preservation of the ship’s surface with an antifouling system

Maintenance and repair work on systems below the waterline such as bow thruster, propeller shaft installation, rudder, etc.

Shell thickness measurement, including a report

Renewing shell and/or surface parts

Replacing anodes

Lengthening or shortening ships


The new shipping dock rests on a fixed pile construction containing a lifting platform on which a ship can be dry-docked after entry. The lifting platform is lifted at four lifting points by four LUYT winches. These winches are driven electrically and hydraulically. One of the advantages of this new construction is that it is no longer dependent on the tide. We use a biologically degradable hydraulic oil. We have several more environmental-technical improvements in line with current environmental regulations. Instead of spraying with salt water, fresh water is used, and wastewater is no longer discharged into the surface water but via a filter system into the sewer.


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