Repair / Maintenance

LUYT takes care of ship maintenance in the broadest sense of the word. A dent is removed, a pump is renewed, or a boom is straightened. LUYT’s maintenance staff are multi-skilled and have a lot of experience in shipbuilding and ship maintenance.

LUYT also does not shy away from larger maintenance jobs. Sometimes we receive a request for a completely new wheelhouse on a fishing boat. The old one is removed using cutting torches, and the new one is constructed, installed and furnished. This is often an aluminium wheelhouse, which reduces the ship’s weight considerably, and this is better for stability and fuel consumption.

Easy maintenance

Our products are designed in such a way that maintenance can be carried out by the customer if necessary, even when at sea. We take into account accessibility, sufficient space, durable materials and easy assembly and disassembly. The customer can also incorporate their specific maintenance requirements into the design.

Modifications and repairs

Our service engineers travel worldwide to do modifications and repairs on winches, ships, parts, or our products. Ships can be lengthened, shortened or converted for other types of fishing at LUYT’s shipyard in the port of Den Oever. Modifications or repairs can be carried out on the ship, for example:

Fish hold

Net hold







Fishing gear

Ship’s mast / Portal mast / etc.


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Ship docking
Fast dry-docking of all types of commercial vessels in a state-of-the-art ship lift.
Renowned winch specialist in strong and silent winches by own manufacturer.
Engines / Propulsion
Reputable address for maintenance, overhaul and delivery of all brands of marine engines.
Fishing supplies
Complete stock for fishing and commercial vessels such as gears, goosenecks, quick release, stainless steel Gilson blocks etc..
New build
Leading shipbuilder for sustainable ships with maximum comfort and efficiency.