Ship newbuild

With our experience of constructing winches and maintaining ships, taking the next step to build ships was easy for LUYT. LUYT builds ships on demand and delivers them turn-key. Because the company is flexible, it can respond to individual wishes.

Fishing boats

The company has successfully applied itself to shipbuilding. We focus on all types of fishing boats up to 35 metres, such as shrimp cutters, beam trawlers, stern trawlers and crab fishing boats. In the past five years, seven ships have been designed at our drawing board and built and launched in Den Oever for customers from Wieringen, England, Ireland and Suriname.

Fishing Award

The BM-100, an English beam trawler measuring 35.35 metres in length, 8.70 metres in width and 5.20 metres in depth, won LUYT’s Fishing Award in the ‘new boat of the year’ competition in the new demersal boats category. The Fishing Award recognises collective achievement, innovation and success in the commercial fishing industry in England and Ireland. LUYT was also nominated in 2020 with the WD-3, a new Irish beam trawler.

LUYT has developed the design for these ships in-house and is responsible as the main contractor for the complete new build process: from design, hull construction, finishing, to commissioning and delivery. From the initial concept phase, there is transparent and close cooperation with the customer in order to provide a solution that meets expectations. There is a constant consultation between parties to develop a superior ship. This cooperation shows the ability of LUYT to realise and put into service custom-made solutions for our customers. We can also work together with design agencies in the Netherlands and abroad.

From fishing boats to workboats

LUYT is also very experienced in building smaller aluminium workboats. Light, strong, maintenance-free and fire-resistant. LUYT is an attractive partner for fishing boats because the company can respond flexibly to individual wishes. LUYT has been building ships since the beginning of the ’80s. LUYT has a spacious and modern hall at her worksite that is completely set up for building ships. The design, building, furnishing and finishing are completely done at LUYT in Den Oever. LUYT has already launched dozens of ships. From fishing boats to workboats like a survey boat for Rijkswaterstaat, a landing craft for the navy or a workboat for catching lobsters.

Specialist in aluminium ships, wheelhouses, ornamental masts

LUYT is specialised in building with aluminium, for example:

Aluminium workboats



Landing crafts


Constructions, such as:


Ship’s masts

Compared to polyester, an aluminium hull is more durable, easier to repair, and easier to modify for a new application.

Aluminium has a better strength-to-weight ratio than polyester: an aluminium ship weighs 30 to 40 per cent less than a polyester ship and even up to 55 per cent less than a steel ship. That means less weight, less fuel consumption, more payload, and less draft. Another advantage is that aluminium is stronger. In the event of a collision, the material will only bend or deform and not tear like polyester. Removing dents is easy, and if the damage is more severe, a section can be cut out and replaced.

Another great advantage of aluminium is that it is corrosion-resistant. Five-year-old aluminium ships show hardly any signs of corrosion, even when they have not been preserved. Aluminium is also a lot safer: it is non-flammable, unlike polyester.


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