Official Caterpillar dealer

LUYT has been an official dealer of the American Caterpillar engine manufacturer (Authorized Marine Dealer) for more than thirty years. The manufacturer only grants prolongation of the dealership when all strict conditions have been met. LUYT employees must be educated and trained on a yearly basis.

Supply and maintenance of all brands of marine engines

As an Authorized Marine Dealer, LUYT can quickly get hold of all parts for every type of engine. We have a lot of parts in stock. LUYT can provide any ship with Caterpillar engines and generator sets but can also provide all other brands of ship engines and generator sets. Besides supplying engines and generator sets, LUYT also offers maintenance, repairs, engine overhauls, and re-engineering services. Of course, other brands can also be serviced by LUYT.

Laser alignment and reporting for classification societies

LUYT has the experience, the knowledge and the skill to advise, install and maintain the correct engine type. LUYT has advanced equipment for the alignment of engines, and mechanics can align every type of engine, gearbox, pump or propeller shaft on board with the help of a laser. Including taking care of the required reports for classification societies.

LUYT Den Oever & Harlingen

In addition to the main branch in Den Oever, LUYT also has a second branch in Harlingen focused on diesel engines. The warehouse is situated on the waterfront, at the harbour entrance. LUYT also offers an all-round service for Caterpillar propulsion systems, diesel engines and generator sets from this branch.

The diesel engine department has accumulated a tremendous amount of experience with the maintenance of ship engines. Large ships can be serviced in Harlingen as the port is deeper than in Den Oever, and it can accommodate ships with a draft up to 8.50 metres. Ships can also come to Harlingen for other maintenance work in addition to engine maintenance.

Dealership/service centre

Caterpillar engines and generator sets

CC Jensen filter systems

Desmi pumps

The engine service from Den Oever and Harlingen at a glance:

Sales, service and repair of Caterpillar engines and generator sets

Sales and maintenance of all other diesel engine brands

Installation of diesel engines and generator sets

Re-engineering of ships

Jensen filters and elements

Engine alignment


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