Winch Services

  • Design and engineering
    Luyt has its own engineering department at which winches are being designed in 3-D computer programs. This department recently developed a series of winches based on rules and regulations of well known classifications bureaus, ISO standards and years of Luyt experience. Our design tools are carefully selected and give us the certainty that our winches are designed for long-life and are trouble free.
  • New building
    We have built in fifty years more than 770 winches. All our winches will be designed, built and tested in our factory in Den Oever. If required our tests will be witnessed by classification bureaus (LRS, GL, DNV, ABS or others)
  • Installation & Commissioning
    Our technical engineers install our winches worldwide. They can also test the winches on location.
  • Maintenance, Modification, Repair & Service
    Our service engineers travel worldwide to repair or service our winches. You can also contact us for repair and service on other winch brands like Ridderinkhof, Brusselle, Bodewes etc.
  • Overhaul
    Our winches have a long lifetime. After a thoroughly overhaul our winches are ready for a second lifetime.

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