Ancher Mooring winches

Luyt has developed a program for anchor mooring (AM) winches. The international
standards ISO 3730 and ISO 4568 are the guidelines for the design of the winches. The
winches can also be delivered as tailor-made to customer requirements.

Design Features
The AM winches are multi drum winches in line configuration with the following features:

  • Warping head(s)
  • Chain lifter(s)
  • Free wheel function
  • Manual operated brakes
  • Manual operated clutches
  • Hydraulic driven

Optional Features
The AM winches can be delivered with the following optional features:

  • Pneumatic operated brakes (fail safe type)
  • Pneumatic operated clutches
  • Tailor made design to customer requirements

Drive Systems
Drive systems for Luyt AM winches:

  • Hydraulic driven
  • Electric driven
  • Electric-hydraulic driven

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