Machinefabriek Luyt B.V. is a Luyt Group company and has been a leading winch building company for more than 50 years. Machinefabriek Luyt provides a wide range of high quality innovative winches for applications in the offshore industry, dredging industry, oil & gas industry and fishing industry. Machinefabriek Luyt B.V. is an independent company which has developed into a reliable international partner for winches worldwide.

All Luyt winches are custom made built for the applications meeting the demands and requirements of our customers. A combination of comprehensive knowledge, competence, experience with compact structures and a specialized approach enables Machinefabriek Luyt to customize its products to client specifications.

Luyt winches are strong, well built, silent, reliable and durable.

These qualities are the key to our success and that is how we want to keep it.


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