Shipbuilding aluminium

Luyt builds fast aluminium work vessels for the commercial fishing market, survey work, environmental research, passenger transport, diving and towing activities, etc.

The vessels are being build to client specifications. They can be constructed totally in accordance with clients insight and wishes. All models are possible up to a length of approximately 20 metres, from small barges to seagoing ships with various ratings. We can also build ships under classification.

Depending on the requirements, Luyt can build ships with inboard engine, including propeller shaft and screw, with inboard/outboard engine or ready to be fitted with outboard motor.

Plus Points

  • Very seaworthy
  • Strong and free from maintenance
  • High quality aluminium material

Luyt has very skilful certified aluminium shipbuilders in house.

As well as building aluminium ships, Luyt also delivers aluminium wheelhouses, masts, superstructures, etc.

Why aluminium? Click for more information.

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