With the shipbuilding department Luyt supplies a want of customers for the building of workboats till 24 meters. Luyt has specialized in cascobuilding for aluminium and steel boats till a maximum of this overall length. Next to cascobuilding ships can be fitted out and finished completely. Luyt builds the vessels in own supervision in the Netherlands, as a result of which the quality is guaranteed. If necessary the boats can be build under classification (GL, Veritas, etc.).

Luyt shipbuilding has build casco’s and vessels for the fishing industry at home and abroad, for offshore projects, for various government institutions among which the Ministery of EL & I in the Netherlands, for the Dutch Royal Navy and for various special projects.

The vessels are being build for divers applications such as water-carriage, fishery, diving work, survey operations, military operations and others.

Aluminium or steel?
Sometimes your application asks for a design at which sailing speed in combination with strength plays an important role. In that case the choise for aluminium is a preferable one. Read more: Why aluminium?

Besides the building of complete workboats Luyt also fabricates aluminium casco sections, wheelhouses, masts, superstructures, etc.

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