60 years experience in shipbuilding, winching, maintenance & repair, marine engines, dry-docking

LUYT Groep

60 years experience in shipbuilding, winching, maintenance & repair, marine engines, dry-docking

LUYT was established on 23 December 1960 by Jan Luijt near the port of Den Oever. This family business that started as a one-man business in winches has grown into an all-round shipyard over the past 60 years – consisting of Machinefabriek & Dokbedrijf LUYT BV – with customers all over the world and approximately 50 employees.

One of the company’s most important services is the maintenance, repair, and reconstruction of fishing boats. In addition, LUYT specialises in winch installations and has developed and launched a range of leading new-build vessels for the fishing industry. In 2021, LUYT won a Fishing Award for the design and realisation of a beam trawler (BM-100) destined for England, and in 2020, it was nominated for a Fishing Award for an Irish beam trawler (WD-3), both of which were designed and finished in-house at LUYT. LUYT creates customised and, above all, efficient ships in close cooperation with the customer.

In the early years, it was mainly the fishermen of Wieringen knocking on our door, but nowadays, the entire fishing fleet from all over the world knows where to find LUYT. Customers from various maritime sectors find their way to LUYT for engineering, installations and commissioning, maintenance, repair & overhaul, conversion & new-build, and applications such as winches and propulsion systems for tugboat services (tugs), offshore, and dredging industry. All our customers can count on receiving the same professional service and high-level commitment.

LUYT Groep

A lot has changed over the years, yet LUYT has always remained LUYT and still radiates the spirit of a family business run by André Luijt and Jacoline Luijt. The mentality of the hard-working team is still unchanged and is characteristic of the company. Whether it is an engine failure or a small defect in an oil pump, we will make sure it works again. “Don’t do half a job; that doesn’t help the customer. He has to be able to rely on it 100% again and be able to head out to sea quickly”.

LUYT realises that a fisherman has little time and that the fishing season is sometimes short. The slightest defect to a ship or fishing gear can become a minor disaster if it is not remedied quickly. Because every hour that no fishing takes place means no catch, no turnover, no profit. If it has to be done, LUYT is ready quickly. Service mechanics will travel quickly to the nearest harbour to fix any engine or winch malfunctions. If necessary, also in the evening or at the weekend.

LUYT has spacious work quays and workspaces in the harbours of Den Oever and Harlingen for all kinds of work on ships. Also, in the field of electronic equipment, hydraulics, electricity, carpentry, refrigeration and plumbing, LUYT is at the service of her customers with a designated contact person who will arrange everything.

To carry out the work properly, LUYT has its own ship lift (dry-dock) in the port of Den Oever with a lifting capacity of 500 tonnes. With this dry-dock, ships can be lifted out of the water for repairs and inspections of the underwater hull up to a maximum length of 40 metres and a maximum width of 9.5 metres.

LUYT has a large warehouse for fishery supplies for commercial shipping. Almost everything you need onboard is available or in stock.

LUYT has well-trained mechanics and construction workers. They have had thorough internal and external training, are certified and have years of experience. There is strict control on quality during manufacturing. The final check ensures that you get what you ordered with the kind of quality that LUYT guarantees. If desired, the products can be inspected in the presence of a classification agency, as working with aluminium and steel requires a lot of expertise.

LUYT has its own design and engineering department. A team of draftsmen and designers with years of experience in the fishery and various maritime markets can provide you with a customer-oriented design. We draw and design using various 3D drawing packages (Autodesk Inventor). We can offer you the models in various formats so that you always have a realistic overview of your model/product. LUYT has delivered several designs/products according to standards/requirements of several classification agencies

LUYT has the knowledge and certificates to build ships as well as winches under classification, for example, from Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyds or RINA. The company is familiar with the different procedures and the measuring and testing points and knows exactly which requirements (national & international) must be met: a trusted idea and a good guarantee for a qualitative and insurable product. LUYT also has a lot of knowledge to build ships under classification. The inspection is very strict, and an x-ray is used to inspect welds to ensure that all seams have been executed in a technically correct way.

Sustainability plays an important role in the design and realisation of our products. The strategy of LUYT concerning sustainability is twofold. On the one hand, we design and make our products to last. We use durable materials and parts and design in a way that minimises wear and tear. LUYT winches that have been operational for more than 40 years is not exceptional. On the other hand, sustainability regarding the environment and resources is becoming more and more important. Thanks to new developments, our designers are able to implement new requirements regarding the use of unique materials and components, for example, in the design of drive systems, brake linings, fuel reduction and the application of oil management.


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