The origin of a successful company

Machinefabriek Luyt N.V. was founded in 1960 by Jan Luijt. Due to the delivery time of new build winches Jan Luijt started to produce winches himself. This became a success. Customers of all markets and industries found their way to Luyt for winch systems for all sorts of applications.

The company went to a considerable growth which led to the introduction of the Luyt Group in 2003. The Luyt Group provides a full range of maritime products and Machinefabriek Luyt B.V. is now still one of its key members.

In the early years the first winches were built for the fishing industry. Due to the large demand for winches worldwide Machinefabriek Luyt began to design, develop and produce winches for other industries. During the decades Machinefabriek Luyt designed more than 770 winches for clients throughout the world.

Jan Luijt has led the organization until 1998. Today the company is still an independent family owned company now led by his children: André and Jacoline Luijt.

And still your number one specialist for winch technology and maritime products.

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